A Call to Nature

I wildly believe we are what we eat. Food is medicine. Herbs heal. And reconnecting to the seasonal, cycles & energies of nature are the secrets to living an inspired & full life. 

Remembering that we are nature and all we need to thrive on Mother Earth is gifted by her.

My intention is to guide people to an awareness of what they are consuming and get super powered by nature. To travel beyond the illusions and false marketing claims and be nourished by genuine nature given goodness.

I love the simple & deep wisdom of the ancient holistic health systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and the impact that healing herbs have on the mind, body and soul.

My work is about connecting to food & herbs as medicine promoting energy,  longevity & joy. With a deep respect and reverence for Mother Earth. I am on a quest to explore the highest quality, natural ingredients and products that enhance life-force and to share wisdom. 

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Wellbeing coach

“There’s a fire inside me that won’t go out until everybody knows how to nourish themselves with what nature gives us”

Music is the Answer

Initially focusing in on the music industry. Supporting the extraordinary souls that lift the vibration of humanity. With a personal mission to inspire the inspirers of the world. And with a deep love for music and dance. Helping artists live inspired, in spirit – in dance with their soul. 

Evolving over the years to support the brands as a wellbeing coach I  worked within at Virgin Media, EE & BT… Curating well-being programs to inspire teams to find balance, creativity and vitality.

And continuing to follow the invitations, the passions, the things that drive me wild. And the desire to make a difference, I work with those who wish to do the same.

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“We are nature and all we need to thrive on Mother Earth is gifted by her”

My background

I got all the ego boosting creds along the 41 year of life so far and the insight of 20 years of agency & client side fast paced propositions, marketing & research roles for super brands.

And believe it’s truly an unquantifiable natural essence of my being & intuitive wisdom within fuelling what I do. And a passion to help elevate lives and spread the joy that connecting to the plant world and the medicine of high vibe nourishment brings.

The grounding of a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree and a strong belief we are here to embrace who we be led to becoming certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner & coach at NLP School, London. Supporting clients to release outdated conditioning, create exciting visions and make them happen.

During the pandemic I was hugely called to nature & completed an intensive 12 month Holistic Health Practitioner qualification at Academy of Healing Nutrition, New York. Enabling me to integrate learnings about the seasons, cycles & energies of nature. Food as medicine. The power of healing herbs. And the principles of ancient holistic health systems Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine into my offerings.

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“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

– Hermann Hesse

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