Here are the ways you can work with me in person privately, as a team, brand or collaboration. And how you can get inspired via our self-led digital courses. 

“Laura has been a much needed healing balm for the team over the last four years, guiding us to find our centre through the constant changes and challenges of corporate”


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Holistic Health and Healing

Consulting &

Book a complimentary briefing call.

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Private holistic life reset consultations

121 holistic health session

Book your private online deep dive for optimised well-being.

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Inspiration call

Book an online inspiration call

When ready for next level inspiration.

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Private Tea & Tarot Session


Your herbal & spiritual therapy session

A private 2 hour journey to meet an inspired you

Chat through life & how you want it to be whilst enjoying a healing herbal tea.

Get guidance from your spirit guides on the path ahead.

Be infused with intuitively led wisdom rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, natural nourishment & healing herbs.

Leave with personalised recommendations & a special elixir recipe to aid your ascension.


Holistic Health and Healing

Consulting, Strategy and Collaborations

“The launch of EE’s flagship store & the UK’s first digital spa was fantastic. Laura’s work was invaluable in building out the E2E customer well-being journeys and training the store staff through them.”


Power up your team, projects, brand and activations with nature.

Having worked with brands & people wanting to make a difference in the world such as EEBTVirgin Media, The Ministry, Potato (WPP), Missoma, Bye Bye Plastic, Abracadabra TV, Balearica Radio, Mother Root & Three Sprit I am confident in working closely with directors, business owners & team/project leads to infuse Holistic Health and Healing, wisdom and inspiration into strategy, projects and programs.

First we jump on a discovery call where you can chat through your needs and ideas. Then we schedule a chargeable ‘Inspiration call’ to dive into the possibilities and share my wisdom.

You get to take the inspo and go. Or we work together on an ad hoc project or monthly retained basis and you get the inspiration call fee back on the first invoice.

Ad Hoc Consultation

Working closely with directors, business owners & team/project leads to feed inwell-being expertise, wisdom & inspiration into strategy & projects.

Creating a bespoke ad-hoc brief together & supporting with full end to end design & deliver where needed.

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Retained Consultation

Supporting the teams & brands growth, well-being & spirit with a co-create monthly menu of offerings forming a bespoke retainer to flex to your needs & budget.

Enjoy a special reduced rate vs the ad -hoc projects. Min 3 month commitment. Agree spend & deliverables upfront. 


Book an Inspiration Call

Let’s discuss your ideas and requirements in depth. Sharing my expertise, experience and wisdom to get you inspired.

Use the session as needed; a brainstorm, project design & development, strategy, knowledge gain … take the inspo as you wish or evolve into a larger project, program or collaboration.


Buy a digital package

Lashings of life changing natural, healing wisdom at your fingertips.
Infused into self-led digital courses for you to learn at your pace in your time.

Packages and Digital Wellness Products



Packages and Digital Wellness Products

Introduction to Herbal Elixirs


Packages and Digital Wellness Products

Living Inspired Program


Living INSPIRED program

A self navigated online program to naturally nourish you throughout the year. And you can start anytime.

This program is for those tired of the repeating patterns and lethargy of life. And ready to commit to calling back your power and getting super powered by nature.

Connecting directly to the innate, vibrant & inspired essence of you.

Get immediate access to 12 months of rich content drawing on seasonality, herbs that heal, food as medicine, the ancient holistic health system of Traditional Chinese Medicine & the art of ritual to ignite the life force within and expedite your life.



36 healing elixirs with special blends of high vibrational herbs for all conditions and occasions.

60 – mostly plant based – seasonal recipes with healing notes explaining the natural nourishment needed for now.

24 soul enlivening rituals to bring you back to you, find calm in the chaos and connect to your wisdom.

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Energise : unleash your life-force naturally

A self-led digital mini-course to learn how to increase your energy exponentially.

This one’s for you if you’re tired of feeling tired and want to connect to an unlimited natural flow of life force. Are ready to get super powered by nature. And want to know exactly how to nourish yourself and boost energy naturally.

Boost energy naturally with this simple 5 step self-led digital mini-course to 3 x your energy in 30 days.

  • Step 1. Set yourself up for success with energising rituals
  • Step 2. Try energising – plant based – recipes + life force giving tips
  • Step 3. Enjoy secret superhero herbs & elixir recipes
  • Step 4. Use your exclusive habit tracker to check in with energy zappers & energy boosters
  • Step 5. Have some fun with ‘rest & play’ journal prompts


  • BONUS Step 6. Learn the #1 energy hack to uber boost energy through the roof

With ‘fad-free’ teachings rooted in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine that have been energising humans for 1000’s of years.

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Introduction to Herbal Elixirs

This simple and potent 12 month self-led digital course gifts you an introduction into the magical and life changing world of key herbal allies that you can work with across the year. With delicious, functional, healing elixir recipes for you to try. 

Get immediate access now for only £44.

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This one’s for you if you want to;

• Learn how to work with herbs to promote well-being
• Delve into the mystical world of healing plant medicine
• Increase vitality, clarity and life-force energy
• Get super powered by nature