Hello. I am Laura Williams, The Secret Inspirer. A holistic well-being consultant & coach, healing nutritionist, herbalist & elixir creator.

Supporting busy people and brands making a difference in the world such as, EEBTVirgin Media, Ministry of Sound, Potato (WPP), Bye Bye Plastic, Abracadabra TV & Balearica Radio to get super powered by nature.

Wildly believing we are what we consume. Food is medicine. Herbs heal. And connecting to the seasons, cycles & energies of nature are the secrets to well-being.

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Consulting, Strategy & Collaborations

Super power your team, brand, plans & activations with nature.

Infusing wisdom, expertise and energy into projects, programs and events. Partnering with conscious businesses and brands to curate next level magic.

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Knowing we are here to be moved. To create. To unleash our wild and have a full, vibrant human experience. And nature has all the answers.

Sharing wisdom rooted in the ancient holistic health systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda. I support clients to live INSPIRED. In-spirit. In dance with their soul.

Elevating people, brands & customer experiences with heart felt integrity and authenticity. Supported by Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) where relevant to release old programming.

In-sourcing your power in a world of distraction. And revering nature as the life giving force she is.

One to One Sessions

A private two hour online ENERGY reset session with The Secret Inspirer. To be listened to as you chat about what’s going on. How you feel. And the energy you want to enhance.

Intuitively led, sharing wisdom and guidance from the holistic health system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The secret world of herbal allies. And rooted in the seasons, cycles and energies of nature. To get inspired. And super powered by the natural world.

Including 6 weeks WhatsApp follow up to expedite your ascension.


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Consulting & collabs

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One-to-one energy reset session

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The Living INSPIRED course

12 month digital course.

Everything you need to know to get super powered by nature.

Your self-led toolkit to natural nourishment includes; seasonal recipes, rituals, herbal allies, elixirs & more. To elevate your life. To live inspired, in dance with your soul.

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Lashings of life changing natural, healing wisdom at your fingertips.
Infused into self-led digital courses for you to learn at your pace in your time.

One to One add on Package

Had an ENERGY reset session? You can book an ‘Add on’ package to integrate and elevate your learnings.

With further guidance on how to get super powered by nature.

Supported by potent herbal allies. Food as medicine. And sacred rituals to cultivate a higher state of inspiration and energy.

Each add on includes three one hour online sessions + WhatsApp follow up.

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