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Sending the warmest of wishes from The Secret Inspirer.

Welcome to the ‘living inspired’ course. Your self navigated online program to naturally nourish you throughout the year. When you are ready to commit to calling back your power and getting super powered by nature you may start your journey. And if you need to pause at anytime you can come back and pick up in the month you are in.

You now have immediate access to 12 months of rich content drawing on seasonality, herbs that heal, food as medicine, the ancient holistic health system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the art of ritual and the cosmic dance in the sky to re-ignite that fire within and expedite your life.

Connecting you back to your innate, vibrant & infinitely inspired essence.

The content is set up by month and within each month you get to enjoy;

 – Seasonal recipes including healing notes explaining the natural nourishment needed for that time so you can gain wisdom on how best to fuel you

  • Healing elixirs with special blends of high vibrational herbs for all the conditions and occasions of the month.
  • Soul enlivening rituals to bring you back to you, find calm in the chaos and connect to your intuition and knowing.
  • A year of lunar updates with special journal prompts to work with the energies, release the old and manifest the new.

This self paced course allows you the time to ingest and infuse the content into your life in your own time.

We would recommend choosing a moment at the beginning of each month to read through the content and see what particularly resonates. Then setting aside time to create the dishes, elixirs and do the rituals & the journalling with as much presence & intention as you can to get the most out of the course.

The course outline follows these monthly themes:

January – Deep Rest & Replenishment
February – Immunity
March – The Spring Detox
April – Energy
June – Summer Joy
July – Keeping Cool
August – Travel & Mid Summer Well-being
September – Late Summer into Autumn
October – Letting Go
November – Heating Up
December – Getting Cozy in Winter

With ‘all you need from nature’ guides to support your well-being during the key cycles and yin to yang transitions of the year. To honour all parts of you. Nourishing all your needs. And living inspired.

The January Edition

A guide to the deep, deep rest nature needs in winter

January Recipes

In Ayurveda ~ A 5000 year old Eastern holistic health system ~ We are in

January Elixirs

Introducing the mushroom of immortality - reishi - our star to work with this month

January Cosmic Energy

Offering a reminder that bigger things are always at play and when we tune in

January Rituals

We are nature and we need to rest. Everything is cyclical and if we skip

The February Edition

February starts with Imbolc, the half way point between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox, a

February Recipes

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) summer is the season of the heart – fire element,

February Elixirs

Rosemary is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant, anti-viral, immunity and mood boosting gorgeousness. Said to bring

February Rituals

reating time for ritual offers moments to slow down long enough to listen to and

The April Edition

And the third installment of living INSPIRED. Born from a wish to help you to

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

– Hermann Hesse

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