Welcome to the Introduction to Herbal Elixirs Package

A year of healing herbs & recipes to get super powered by nature.

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Welcome to your Introduction to Herbal Elixirs Package.

A self-led digital mini-course bringing to you powerful healing herbs & elixir recipes that will change you forever.


With the rise of consciousness and various reasons for opting for alcohol free drinks there’s a growing resonance with elixirs – ‘a magical or medicinal potion’. And in connecting with natural, functional ingredients that have huge positive benefits on healing & wellbeing.

Herbs are supremely intelligent and have endless ability to support humans in thriving on this planet. For every want we have there is a nature given herb that can support us. Shifting stuck Qi, nourishing vital organs, building blood, detoxing, promoting life-force, aiding sleep, clearing emotions, increasing energy, preventing and alleviating seasonal conditions and dis-eases.

This simple and potent offering gifts you an introduction to key herbal allies that you can work with across the year to enjoy a natural state of inspiration & vitality.


This self-navigated online package includes;

A superhero herb to work with each month explaining the energetics, medicinal benefits and spiritual properties of each herb and relevance to the season

36 specially curated elixir recipes with healing notes and inspiration to guide you to tune into your intuition and the magic of working with natural, life giving ingredients

Set out by month you can jump in at any point. Ingesting & infusing all this goodness into your life when it resonates and as it’s needed.  


January Elixirs

Introducing the mushroom of immortality - reishi - our star to work with this month

February Elixirs

Rosemary is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant, anti-viral, immunity and mood boosting gorgeousness. Said to bring

April Elixirs

“Cleavers is that sticky green plant that some of you may remember being thrown at

May Elixirs

“Dandelion, a wildly overlooked ‘weed’ is one of the greatest medicinal plants in traditional herbalism.

June Elixirs

“Schizandra berry is one of the oldest traditional adaptogens helping to relax the nervous system

July Elixirs

“The strawberry leaf is a wildly overlooked counterpart to the much loved strawberry that actually

August Elixirs

Deeply connected with femininity, dreaming, and the continuous renewal that is found in the cycles

September Elixirs

“Rosemary has magickal properties and is used to both attract love and safeguard existing relationships.

October Elixirs

“Rosehips are super immune boosting, rich in Vitamin C helping the body fight infection, colds

November Elixirs

“You can drink oregano tea before bed, infusing it with your intent for clairvoyant dreams

December Elixirs

“This months hero is warming for the whole body, strengths yang, relieves pain, nourishes qi

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

– Hermann Hesse

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