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Spring Asparagus & Wild Garlic Risotto

Asparagus can improve fertility! And is just about back into farmers markets right now. It

Liver loving kitchari : healing soul food

This dish is an important healing staple to help cultivate balance and give the gut

March Recipes

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) spring is the season of the liver - wood element,

The March Edition

A gorgeously, beautiful month in the natural world where everything slowly begins to awaken from

Make this broth for impenetrable immunity.

This broth is a great healer to balance out the good bacteria in the gut,

February Recipes

“70% of our immunity comes from the gut so amping up fermented foods such as

The February Edition

February starts with Imbolc, the half way point between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox, a

A breakfast worth getting out of bed for.

Baked cacao & clementine oats. Indulging in a slow, warming breakfast is the only way

January Recipes

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) winter is the season of the kidneys & water element,

A gut healing winter salad for when the holiday overindulgence is real.

Our seasonal recipe of the month is ‘Roasted sprout winter salad & rosemary cider vinaigrette’.