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August Cosmic Energy

LEO season came in strong. You feel it? This peak summer energy is wonderful, expansive,

The August Edition

The 1st August is the festival of Lammas in the wheel of the year. The

Are You Ready to Quit the People-pleasing and Step into the Truth of who you are?

All you need to know about the powerful shift of the lunar nodes to their

3 Ways to Maximise the Energies of this Super Full Moon in Capricorn

With the steely determination of a goat trotting up a mountain, you will get there.

July Rituals

“A supercharged ritual that helps you connect with and take on the energies of the

The July Edition

Summer is officially here! And as the heat rises and we feel an increase in

July Cosmic Energy

We can only be compassionate from a space of allowing ourselves to meet ourselves on

June Cosmic Energy

KEY ENERGETIC DATES FOR YOUR DIARY. Offering a reminder that bigger things are always at

The June Edition

The month of summer solstice - my favourite festival of the year - the longest,

June Rituals

The peak festival of the wheel of the year and one of celebration, joy, gatherings