The most powerful chinese herb for clear skin, liver detoxing & anxiety enjoyed as a healing lemonade recipe

“Schizandra berry is one of the oldest traditional adaptogens helping to relax the nervous system and has a stress-protective impact, boosting energy and lowering anxiety”.

Enjoy this elixir recipe with my most favourite life changing chinese herb; schizandra. 

Schizandra & Goji Lemonade


Makes approx 4 servings.

1 tbsp schizandra berries
Handful goji berries
4 cups of fresh water
1 large organic lemon, juiced
2 large organic lemons, quartered
1 tbsp local honey
2 tbsp edible aloe vera gel (optional if you feel you need the extra cooling properties)
Pinch of sea salt
Handful of fresh mint


Make it

Heat water and schizandra berries and goji in a pan until boiling and water starts to turn pink. Take of heat and allow to cool.

In a jug add the lemon juice, and squish in the quartered lemons. Mix in honey, aloe vera gel if using, salt and mint. Add the berry ‘tea’ stir and it’s ready to serve. Add ice on a hot day or enjoy without.

A juicy little number perfect for long summer – Yang – evenings and with an extra immunity and energy boosting kick from an all time favourite herbal ally – Schizandra.

And including the Mother of all berries, the Goji, used in Chinese medicine to help delay the aging process and to strengthen the kidneys, liver, and eyes. Anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and immune boosting.

Both these berries are incredibly nourishing and blood building – goji’s particularly supportive during menstruation.

NB: Contraindications for Schizandra – Medications changed by the liver interacts with Schizandra. Avoid if you have Epilepsy, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Peptic ulcers.

Healing Notes

  • Tonifying for the liver, kidneys, heart and supportive of cognitive function. Removes toxins for the body and clears the skin. Adaptogenic, meaning it stimulates the body’s resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors in turn helping increase energy and endurance.
  • And one of only a handful of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that supports all ‘Three Treasures’ – Qi (Energy), Jing (Life Force) and Shen (Spirit)
  • In TCM it is often recommended to try a herb for 100 days. In my teachings at ‘Academy of Healing Nutrition’ we were challenged to a 100 day schizandra challenge, brewing a teaspoon of schizandra berries as a tea and sipping each day. My energy increased dramatically and skin cleared
  • You are said to be gifted a gift that you need from this potent medicinal herb as it’s intelligence goes where it needs to go.


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