This secret herb will make you immortal.

The herb to work with this month is REISHI“The mushroom of immortality.”

We selected our star to work with this month for it’s immunity & happiness boosting properties, promoting good sleep, focus and reducing stress. Mushrooms are life giving on many levels.

On a spiritual level reishi is regarded as the “herb of spiritual potency,” symbolising success, well-being, divine power and longevity.

If you are wanting to reset the healthy habits in January swapping the usual coffee for this ‘reishi coffee’ is a great healing & energising start to the day.

Create it with presence and intention and stir into it a wish for the day.

Reishi coffee.


1 tsp reishi mushroom powder.

1 tsp chicory root coffee.

1/4 tsp shilajit.

Milk of choice to taste.

Squeeze of organic local honey.



Mix together, add hot water and hot milk of choice – coconut milk is super tasty with this!


Caffeine is termed ‘a thief’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine, taking more than it gives by dehydrating and depleting the kidneys which hold our lifeforce energy also known as ‘jing’. That short term spike of ’energy’ we get from a cup of coffee is shortly taken away with an energy crash so switching out your usual coffee for this healing alternative will make a huge difference.

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