Healing mulled wine

A healing ‘mulled wine’: with a surprisingly tasty secret switch out.

Introducing our healing elixir of the month – ‘Healing mulled wine’.  With a surprisingly tasty secret switch out making this sugary fav genuinely heart warming.

I created and served this healing alternative to the standard winter mulled wine at the vision creation gathering i hosted at The Quaives in November. Served in champagne flutes with a little star anise and a twist of burnt orange peel – because why not – and it was very warmly received.

I’ve had a lot of people reaching out who’re having an alcohol free Christmas and are super excited to be able to enjoy this traditional drink with a healing twist & no hangover.

The secret switch out for the red wine is surprisingly good & the Mother Root Ginger Switchel is tastyyyyyyy & will blow away any colds starting to get comfy in your body.


1 organic unwaxed orange, halved and juiced (keep the peel for decoration)

1 tbsp hibiscus, made up as a tea in a cafetiere/teapot

1 tbsp fresh ginger peeled & sliced, or a shot of MotherRoot. (add more to taste)

3 star anise

2 cloves

1 cinnamon stick, snapped 



Pop all the ingredients in a medium pan, throwing in any unneeded orange rind. Warm up on a medium heat for 15 minutes or until the spices infuse and you get a gorgeous ‘Christmassy’ smell through the kitchen.

Strain and serve with a some of the star anise and twist of burnt orange peel to garnish.


To have elixirs & alcohol free healing potions specially curated for your content, gatherings & venues get in touch via laura@thesecretinspirer.com

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