This Gemini full moon is here to help you stop talking shit and ask for what you need.

So the scorpio new moon brought us inside of ourselves to tune into our desires beyond the ones we are conditioned to desire. And now todays strong Gemini full moon asks us to speak it!

Ruled by mercury, making this sign a key communicator of the zodiac, the energies of this moon are here to help us express ourselves and to get things moving. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed – ask for help. 

If you’re feeling undervalued – speak your needs.

If you’re feeling alone – organise a gathering.

If your work needs spice – ask people to collaborate & make sure it’s a collaboration that works for you.

For me, this is about crystal clear communication and expression of self. And speaking what you want not what you don’t.

It’s an art and a habit and in a culture that seems to revel in a gossip and a whinge it takes strength. 

As I get older I am noticing more and speaking less. Even the most extraverted, outward part of me is tired of the incessant meaningless chat and noise. The constant stream of outward complaints and ‘what’s wrong with the world and everyone else’ and if an inward ownership of some of this actually gets reached it’s often attached to a negative stream of internalised non-truths that would dampen any spirit.

We’re being asked to speak our truth. To express ourselves. To show up. We’ve been given platforms to do this from a place of invisibility to an invisible audience with no accountability for authenticity. The fear, the opinions that fall out of our mouths, the speaking every thought that passes through creates a spaghetti junction of drivel and I’m not sure who feels better for it. 

There’s a spike in loneliness, suicide, less solid friendships, marriages, connections but people seem to be speaking everything. 

This oversharing is weighing on the ears that are actually listening. And the hearts that care so deeply.

THIS is the moon to stop the stream of BS and refine what we say. 

Words are spells and it’s time to get creative with how we are weaving the life in front of us and transmuting the stuff we don’t want. Individually and collectively.

And to the TTP (‘Toxic Positivity Police’) I am not talking about toxic positivity, passivity or head burying in sand. 

Life is immensely challenging. Ignoring it doesn’t help to heal the deep wounds or erase the patterning.

I’m not into mantras that don’t connect with a deep part of my being. 

I am into owning my shit and you owning yours to create something better and avoiding getting stuck in the sludge.

You have to shut up and get quiet enough to do some inner contemplation and investigate what’s actually going on. Checking in with what you want, what support you need and how you can shift stuff. Noticing what is in and out of your control.

Considering what is important. Acknowledging perspective. Reflecting on why’s. Understanding intention and how it is all best expressed. 

Streamlining our communications. Being compassionate for others whilst not shrouding or dimming our own being. 

Being ok with our words not being received as we want them to and allowing that baton to be received as the receiver perceives it through their eyes whilst taking responsibility for our impact.

It is only in consciously finding ourselves, our peace, our actual voice that we can change what we no longer wish to see. 

Under this moon:

  • Can you get still to be able to connect to your truth?

  • Can you get crystal clear with how & what you communicate?

  • Can you shut of the noise and fall into quiet contemplation without judgement and speak from there? 

  • Can you get underneath the words to find the truth of what’s actually being said?

  • Can you take radical responsibility for your words and what you’re putting out into the world?

  • Can you set boundaries of what you are ok to consume?

  • Can you speak your needs without needing fans to tell you they’re ok?

  • Can you say no to drivel and use your divine energy for a higher purpose?

  • Can you tune into what you want and check that you are contributing this into the world around you?

  • Can you collaborate vs compete?


She’s a strong one!


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