The Secret Immunity Booster for Autumn

I’d love to introduce you to the super hero herb we’re working with over on the living INSPIRED membership this month – the Rosehip to boost immunity this season in preparation for the colder, darker months.


Rose hips are the fruits of the rose plant, usually forming in late summer & autumn after the flowers have been pollinated. Once the rosebud falls off the fruit of the plant emerges, a beautiful ruby red berry that is one of the most nutritionally packed fruits of any plant.

The benefits of rose hips are;

  • Immunity boosting, rich in Vitamin C helping the body fight infection, colds & respiratory conditions

  • Good for the digestive system, arthritis & weight loss

  • A natural diuretic & blood purifying tonic that can be used to strengthen & invigorate the body to give a general feeling of well-being

  • Rosehips are also healing for matters of the heart


Check out how to make a healing, immunuty boosting rose hip tea below.


Fresh rose hips from nature.

Rosehips are easily identifiable & foregable. Make sure to not take too many from each branch.


Boil a pot of water and pour the hot water over the rose hips. If using fresh rose hips, use ¼ cup of hips to 1 cup of water.

Let the tea steep for 15 minutes covered, and then strain out the pulp & enjoy.

The magic properties of rose hips are; love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection, peace and abundance

Ruling planet – Venus, Moon

Sign – Pisces

Element – Water

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