Soak up the Magic of the Weekend’s Eclipse with this Potent Potion + Ritual.

INTRODUCING THE ECLIPSER: A cosmic collaboration between @motherrootldn x @starseednatural x @thesecretinspirer 🌕

This supercharged TRIPLE IMMUNITY and ENERGY BOOSTING elixir includes: ACV, ginger, rose hip and rosemary. Inspired by the healing ingredients of Star Seed’s Botanical Moon Cream, and Mother Root’s fiery Ginger Switchel.

Blended for you under the energies of this weekend’s incoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus by natural wellbeing consultant & high vibe mixologist @thesecretinspirer.  

Helping you transmute any shadows to bring you into higher vibrational alignment, and blow away the cobwebs! 

“Eclipses are a portal to another dimension. An intense and transformational time where things not aligned can vanish from our lives, and new things appear. It catapults us towards our destiny. 

Not always an easy ride, but the grounding, Earthy vibes of this Taurean cosmic happening bring the amplified potential of calling in the money we desire. It reminds us to connect to nature and use all of our Earthy senses to experience the pleasures of life. 

Our bodies may call us deeply into stillness and peace at this time, with shadows illuminating where we haven’t been looking after ourselves”.

Enjoy this deliciously powerful potion featuring Mother Root’s fiery Ginger Switchel, and ingredients inspired by Star Seed’s Moon Cream, a radiant golden overnight treatment, as a luxurious ritual for all the senses.


Rosehips are everywhere right now. Forage a handful, rinse and drip dry naturally.

2 freshly picked rosemary sprigs

50ml Mother Root Ginger Switchel

150ml rose hip & rosemary tea, brewed & cooled

Handful of filtered ice

Sparkling water / soda to top up


In a teapot, pour 150ml of boiling water over the rosehip & rosemary, set aside and leave to cool.

Once cool, add all the ingredients along with the ice to a cocktail shaker (or lidded jam jar) and shake.

Serve in your favourite glass, top up with sparkling water / soda, and garnish with left over rosehips and a sprig of rosemary.


Make up an ECLIPSER with presence and intention. 

Run a bath with a grounding essential oil like vetiver. Light a candle, and put on some soothing tunes.

Soak up all the magic. Indulge yourself, and ruminate on what you’re ready to release while mindfully sipping your elixir. 

When relaxed, step out of the bath leaving any heaviness behind. Luxuriously apply Star Seed’s Moon Cream for a radiant golden glow, making a wish for what you’re ready to receive.

Commit to creating more space for yourself, and get ready to welcome lashing of lavishness into your life. 


Mother Root are a natural ‘fiery & fierce’‘ non-alcoholic aperitif brand.

Star Seed are luxury botanical skin care brand with products good enough to eat & so clean you actually could.

For ways to work with well-being consultant, healing nutritionist & elixir curator check out Laura Williams, The Secret Inspirer


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