Are You Ready to Quit the People-pleasing and Step into the Truth of who you are?

All you need to know about the powerful shift of the lunar nodes to their new Aries x Libra axis until Jan 2025.

I get to write this on my favourite sunshine island – Eivissa. The energy of this beautiful part of the world is undescribable. Magic always happens when i’m here and seemingly some epic cosmic alignments. Last time there was an achingly transformational Scorpio eclipse. I was on a retreat and my car broke down, the not so friendly local police turned up and my ex had to come and rescue me, so not always the smoothest of adventures but she always gifts me a layer of understanding of who i am beyond the conditioning and the wounds and to a deeper space of truth and love of myself and all these other funny little humans buzzing around on this planet whizzing through infinite space.

Do you remember any big shifts happening for you in November 2022?

And here again this time we have a POWERFUL energetic shift happening that is sure to bring some next level awakening. On Tuesday 18th 2023 the north and south lunar nodes move from their current Taurus (north) – Scorpio (south) axis to Aries (north) – Libra (south) where they will stay until January 2025.

The nodes are energetic vortexes that happen when the sun’s path crosses the moons orbit. The north node symbolises future growth, expansion and what we need to embrace to move forward. The south represents the past, patterns to be released and what we need to move away from. Both on a personal and collective consciousness level.

The nodes are where the eclipses happen so this shift will affect the theme of the revelations, quantum leaps and things that are no longer in alignment with who you are at that time suddenly falling away.

At the south node we often experience the shadow side of the sign it resides in hence the awareness of the abuse of power, war, destruction and level of death and rebirth experienced in the last years whilst hanging out in master transmuter and illusion illuminator Scorpio. The antidote to the shadow side of the south being illuminated by the north … and the Taurean energy has called us towards peace, the importance of Mother Earth and a heightened need for regulating our nervous systems by being with nature.

So with this new shift we can expect to see shadow side of Libra bring out any passive aggressive, people pleasing tendencies – saying and doing things that you think other people will like and putting their needs first then burning out and being totally resentful of those people. Messy. This is what we will be called to let go of, heal and transcend in the next 18 months.

And the north node landing in Aries will ignite some bold, I AM A WARRIOR here to be unapologetically me energy we need to live fully on purpose and empowered to embrace & express every inch of ourselves. Leading a life in alignment with our soul. Leaning in to TOTAL AUTHENTICITY and not living for others. This is the time to put you first and not feel guilty. To give you exactly what you need. To know you are here as you for a reason. And to get on with it as effortlessly as breathing.

Leaning into the challenging conversations we often put off and speaking truth from the heart. How can we ever expect to feel at home in our own skin if we don’t speak our true needs, desires and POV? This energy will help us shed what’s been keeping us from doing and being all the things we’ve always wanted to and put off for a million reasons. We have 100 years max in this skin. It is your responsibility to own your stuff, move through it and make waves in the best of ways.

As the collective consciousness ascends and with this energetic shift it’s going to become harder and harder to hide behind masks, untruths and delusion – job titles, status, how much money we made all fade to nothing when we die. We will be remembered for our realness, our magic, who we ‘be’ not what we do. How we made people feel & how hard we loved.

Imagine a world where we stripped away the BS. Stopped apologising for existing. Got super comfy in our skin and did what gave us the most joy every-single-day. Nourishing ourselves from the inside out. Following the path that felt really bloody good for us & letting that light spill out all over the place. No comparison to others. No jealousy. No hate. No fear. No anxiety. Only awe-fully witnessing & helping everyone rise because we were so happy with our own being. That’s what happens when you fill you up first, get close to your natural state and go do you. It’s about to get really good but you have to show up!

Looking for support on this levelling up? You can head to @thesecretinspirer link in bio for all the ways to work with me.

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