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3 Ways to Maximise the Energies of this Super Full Moon in Capricorn

With the steely determination of a goat trotting up a mountain, you will get there. The question is; are you going the right way?

To ground us with some earthy vibes amidst the emotions and sensitivities of Cancer season, July begins with a SUPER full moon in Capricorn on July 3rd, meaning it’s extra close to Earth thus supercharging its energies and manifesting powers. Offering an opportunity to check-in with all our hard work and to make sure that the mountain we are painstakingly trotting up is one we truly want to be.

“This grounding yet potentially uncomfortably illuminating Capricorn super full moon energy may call into question whether you are addicted to ‘doing’ and working in a subconscious effort to prove your worth and fill a void. News flash: that void doesn’t get full by pushing and striving. The void only fills in stillness. In spaciousness. In being. In unconditional loving. In those glorious moments where you re-meet yourself and your purest essence. Making moves effortlessly from a place of absolute alignment.”

Peaking at 12:38pm BST today this mighty lunation brings with her the energy of chipping away to get where you want to be AND she may illuminate the truthiest truth of why you want to be there. So we’ve created a checklist and journal prompts to help you get to that truth and ensure you are spending your most valuable gifts; your time + energy on what serves you.

Create some space to feel into stillness over the next 3 days and use these prompts to journal on whatever comes up, zero judgement;


  • Am I trotting up the right mountain?

  • Is the energy I’m spending giving a juicy and generous return?

  • When something amazing manifests do I excitedly welcome it in or grip on in fear it’s going to vanish? How come?

  • What heavy baggage am I ready to put down to lighten the load?

  • What does the most lit up, warm & inspiring path look like for me?


Check-in and get re-rooted in you, feel into the latest version of you and learn to luxuriate in the present to make sure you soak up all the beautiful healing and acceleration mama moon has to give you.

Living INSPIRED members get more moon musings, a sexy full moon tea blend and a moon water ritual to maximise the connection to this pivotal moon in this month’s edition.

Wishing you a magical Capricorn super full moon.

Let us know what she brings up for you and any shifts you experience in the comments below.


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