The Summer Celebration Guide – Your Seasonal Toolkit for Well-being

It’s Summer! And we would LOVE to introduce our Summer Celebration Guide. The first of a series of seasonal offerings to assist you in finding balance at this hot and YANG-Y time of year.

The fabulous Tensuhi from @elementalresonance and myself have joined together to co-create this guide for you to cover all the areas we feel deeply passionate about on how connecting to the seasons, cycles & energies of nature & the cosmos can greatly enhance well-being.

In this instalment we share our collective wisdom on how to nourish mind, body & soul through the key transitions of the year.

You will find lots of juicy content in the Summer Celebration Guide – an important time of honouring the sun, connection, joy & lots of belly laughs – including;

* Summer energy reading

* Traditional Chinese Medicine info to optimise summer well-being

* Fire Qi-Gong (link to video)

* Fire meditation (link to heart meditation soundscape)

* Plant based recipes with summer healing notes

* Seasonal elixirs & remedies

* Summer rituals
* Summer journal prompts & intention setting 

With teachings deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine we aim to gift you all you need to work with the energies of the season and are excited to share the first in a series of co-creations – ‘The Summer Celebration Guide’.

We hope you are inspired by and resonate with our expansive, light-filled Summer content.

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