Boost energy naturally rituals

Step One : Energising Rituals

“A ritual is something you carry out in the same way at the same time making it a sacred moment in the busyness to tune into you and be fully immersed in the present”. 

Rituals for energy.

Creating moments in the day to drop into exactly where you are, without distraction and be exactly where you are is the strongest way to cultivate energy. 

Try these. See what works for you. And practice one for each day of your challenge. 

Rising energy protection ritual

How we start the day creates an energetic wave into the rest of our day. Sealing in and strengthening our energy. Setting intention for how we wish the day to be and becoming grounded in that before we dive into the chaos & external demands.


Rituals for energy

Cultivating a morning practice however small or lavish has a profound positive impact on energy.

Here’s a rising ritual to try or use as a base to create what feels right for you. Simply sitting with a screen free, silent cuppa and visualising your day may be all you need;

Sit in a quiet area of your home. Or altar if you have one (this is a ‘sacred space’ with objects that mean something to you ~ a candle, incense, crystals, photos of loved one’s, books, flowers, offerings from nature). 

Take a deep breathe , close you eyes and meditate for as long as you wish. 

Connect to your chakras by placing a hand on each chakra and state;

  • Root (red) “I am safe and rooted to Mother Earth”
  • Sacral (orange) “I am a sensual being that deserves pleasure and intimacy” –
  • Solar (yellow) “I am courageous, confident and creative”
  • Heart (green) “I deserve unconditional love & give love freely”
  • Throat (Blue) “I speak my truth and honour my voice”
  • Crown (white/indigo) “I see clearly. I follow my intuition and knowing for guidance”

Notice how this feels and any shifts and what you may need today.

Connect to guides & energies greater than us – whatever you believe in. 

Call these in for insight and support.

You can ask Archangel Michael to protect you with a golden orb of light (or simply imagine this), ask for any negative energies and entities to bounce off your orb and the energy within to vibrate at a frequency of love or higher. 

Pull a tarot/oracle card – asking for guidance and set an intention for the day.

Try to do this ritual at roughly the same time each day to create a habit that isn’t reaching for your phone first thing which immediately gives energy & power away to texts, feeds, emails and other people’s intentions. 

Use this practice to seal in your energy in the morning and see how much more sustained your energy is over the day. 






Joy of eating ritual

“Life is a ceremony and one of the most joyful things to be experienced as a human is eating. Food is pure medicine for the mind, body and soul and natural food eaten with reverence gifts us all we need to heal and feel satisfied & alive”.

Rituals for energy

There was a time we cooked on fire. Gathering in community. Fully present and in absolute reverence and connection to each mouthful of food.

Giving thanks for the nourishment and all beings that were involved in the growing and processing of the food to get it to us.

Now we often eat mindlessly grabbing on the go, scrolling the gram on our ‘breaks’. Eating can become a functional chore but as we need to eat to live usually three times a day this brings a great opportunity to create a ritual out of it.

This can even boost our energy and the quality of the nourishment we’re getting which cultivates even more energy.  


How and what we eat is linked to the amount of respect and love we have for ourselves. And thus how we show up in the world. Feeding in to the joy, vitality, easy & abundance we experience.

It’s all linked. And small mindful tweaks can make a powerful difference. 

The joy of eating ritual begins in mindfully sourcing the ingredients available to us – and whatever the budget – we can choose to make eating local, seasonal, good quality food a priority. Planning nourishing and simple meals amidst the busiest.

  • When cooking be present with the food, this can become a moving meditation, smelling, looking, touching, infusing intention into what we are doing – ‘may this food make me strong’ ‘may this food give me maximum energy’
  • On sitting down to eat and be nourished create a space that is inviting and peaceful – clear clutter, light candles, switch off tech, honour yourself and be present – sit with friends and family or alone and make the next twenty minutes or so sacred. You deserve this – keep the chat nourishing too if eating with others. We consume more than food. So you’ll be eating whatever’s in your environment. Switch the TV & the doom news off!
  • Take a deep breath to centre and arrive in the moment. And give gratitude for the food and those who brought it to you before eating
  • Take the food in with your eyes and eat with reverence and appreciation for being able to be nourished

Notice what this simple ritual does to your energy levels. 

Sleep ritual

As a morning ritual sets your energy up for the day an evening wind down ritual sets you up for some deep sleep which feeds into energy levels for the next day. 

Boost energy naturally rituals

Sleep is the foundation of our energy & how we feel.

Getting ready for bed can be a ritual if you’re present with the teeth brushing & the face washing. And mindful of what you’re consuming for the last two hours before sleep – food, noise & content.

Make sure your sleep space is clear of clutter & somewhere you want to be and feel safe in. And that your phone doesn’t sleep with you. Get a light alarm. And create a night time wind down hour that soothes all five senses.


You can create your own ritual. And here’s some things you can include;

  • Drinking a lavender & camomile tea
  • Lighting a soy or natural candle & relaxing essential oil
  • Warming body and face oil/ decadent skin care regime
  • Peaceful music or chanting
  • Gratitude journaling to end the day on a high – or simply thinking of one thing you’re grateful for before you drift off
  • Try popping some lavender in your pillowcase too for extra nod off potential

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