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“Coffee is known as a thief in Traditional Chinese Medicine meaning it takes more than it gives… that short energy high soon turns into the jitters and comes crashing down.”


You may feel an energy hit but it has a ‘diuretic’ effect which takes away hydration from the body, causing tiredness, it’s tough on the kidneys and depletes Jing (life force energy stored in the kidneys). If you’re feeling particularly fearful, anxious or stressed i would avoid coffee for sure.

Switch out your coffee for 30 days and see how it goes.

If you’re a big coffee drinker you may experience some mild withdrawal symptoms so take it easy. Listen to your body and drink lots of water.


#1. Noffee – The Not Coffee Chicory Root Substitute 

Carefully crafted and expertly roasted by fourth-generation master roasters. Noffee has an aroma reminiscent of coffee that will leave the most avid coffee drinker satiated. And great for grounding if you have a fast paced life, travelling a lot. 

super boost energy naturally

Swapping out caffeine for grounding, probiotic, gut & heart healing + super energizing chicory root is a total gamechanger. 

This swap out will help aid better sleep, hydration, calm gut issues & anxiety and doesn’t have any crashes. 



1 tsp of ground Noffee

1/4 cup organic coconut milk

Make it

Boil the Noffee in a cafetière and add warmed, frothed coconut milk with an optional drizzle of maple syrup/local organic honey to taste if you find this ‘not coffee’ a little bitter at first.

#2 The Guayusa Switch Out 

If you’re a coffee addict and still want the caffeine but with a clean and sustained buzz this one’s for you.

“Guayusa tea is made from the leaves of a holly tree in the Amazon. It is caffeinated but gives a clean, stable energy boost without the spike and crash that you get with coffee”.

I was first introduced to this tea as part of a meditation as part of my training at Academy of Healing Nutrition . We drank mindfully and connected to the spirit of the plant medicine and were taken on a journey. I ended up meeting a monkey called ‘Rafiki’ in the jungle with a message to always remember to have fun. Presence, mindfulness, connection to source and intention are powerful. 

super boost energy naturally


  • Tbsp Guayusa tea
  • Fresh filtered water


Make it

Steep 1 tsp in hot water for 5 minutes & strain.



Schizandra Berry 100 day challenge

You’ve already been introduced to this totally life changing herb in Step 3 of your ENERGISE course & now she is going to help you blow the roof off your vitality. 

One of only a handful of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that supports all ‘Three Treasures’ – Qi (Energy), Jing (Life Force) and Shen (Spirit) and gives you boundless energy due to all of its great medicinal properties. 

Tonifying for the liver, kidneys, heart and supportive of cognitive function. Removes toxins for the body and clears the skin. Adaptogenic, meaning it stimulates the body’s resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors in turn helping increase energy and endurance.


Boost energy naturally bonus

In TCM it is often recommended to try a herb for 100 days. In my teachings at ‘Academy of Healing Nutrition’ we were challenged to a 100 day schizandra challenge, brewing a teaspoon of schizandra berries as a tea and sipping each day. My energy increased dramatically and skin cleared.

You are said to be gifted a gift that you need from this potent medicinal herb as it’s intelligence goes where it needs to go.

Schizandra Tea


1 tsp schizandra berries

Make it

Pour freshly boiled water over the berries, steep for 5 mins, strain and serve.

The berries are so strong you can use them a couple of times. Perfect for this 100 day challenge!

Keep a note on how you are feeling at the beginning, during and at the end of the 100 days. 

NB: Contraindications for Schizandra – Medications changed by the liver interacts with Schizandra. Avoid if you have Epilepsy, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Peptic ulcers.

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